Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Decor!

In the last post I talked about my rubber Santa and thought I had it in those pictures. As you can see I am not good at this picture taking and posting them. So here is my sweet santa..isnt he so cute. I can still see the little house and room that I was in when I got him. Maybe I was 8 yrs old..? I keep thinking maybe I should rub him with oil or something to perserve him..I dont know if you noticed the santa candle in the pictures from the other post. I grew up with him. He was my mothers and he is probably at least 50yrs old. Also the green plastic tree with xmas balls on it was my mothers also...I love it. So if you have a questions about the items that I have showed please ask..I love to get comments..Happy New Year!!!sally

My Christmas Decor!!

Finally I have taken pictures of my xmas decor.I wanted to do this all month and just didnt find the time.If I was more experienced at working the electronic stuff I would probably have posted these pictures before xmas. I loaded them all at once. I was wanting to say something about each I will tell you a little of what I remember of what I took pictures of. As you can see I LOVE bottle brush trees.I once at a yard sale bought a whole box of bottle brushes...and Ive added more through the years. How do you like the xmas balls on the candle holders..well you've seen this before but it was a first for me. One of them is my xmas ball that I painted a rose on. If you notice on the china closet the stocking I made. It is out of a small feed sack.. Now the plastic santa with the sleigh was a estate sale find last month.I hate to tell you that I bought it for 50 cents..I know it was a steal.I love it. The mantle pic didnt turn out to well. The candles look crooked which they dont look that way in person. Now the Old rubber Santa was mine as a child. I cant believe he is still not cracked and disintegrated..but he is caving in on his back side. So now its almost time to take it all down. My tradition like my mothers is not taking down the xmas tree till after New Years. The old tradition which my mother always grew up with the tree didnt come down till I think January 7th. I have a traditional xmas tree..My hubby and I both want it to look somewhat like our trees we grew up know those big colored lights and all the different ornament that we've collected through the years..and oh I have to have tinsel..come back to see what other pictures I have of my xmas decor.Oh I do so love to get comments..hint hint!!Hope you all had a good xmas...sally

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

So here we are in 1971 or 72 ? Can't remember exactly but what do you think? Young is the word...wished I knew what was in those presents..the Raggedy Andy doll my sister made for my son...and now Hattie is playing with it. Check out the my shag hairdo..and my hubbys facial So we have been married along time and he has been a very good husband and father. He was in Viet Nam and when I married him I had no idea anything what it was like to be in a War...I was so naive and ignorant of alot of things. He is my best friend and I dont know what I would do without him. Well enough said...hope you all have a wonderful Christmas..sally
Where has the time gone? Sorry I havent posted for awhile. Our computor got a huge virus so it was down for awhile and plus as you know I dont have all the time in the world to post. So here is Hattie with Santa. This is her first time to meet him..hasnt she grown? She looks like a little grown up girl in this picture but she is only 19 months. She is so much fun.
I got a laptop computor and so this post I am trying out to see how easy it was to pick up pictures...and it is sooooo easy and cant tell you why it was hard with our old computor that got a virus..but I think now I will maybe post you all my xmas decor...So until next time...sally

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Scarey witch holding Miss Bumble Bee!

I was a witch again for the 3rd year in a row. I need to change that and vow to work on dressing up as some thing else this next year. So here is Hattie Jane with me (grandma) visiting her on Halloween night. So today Ive been working on taking down Halloween decorations and when Hattie gets here on tuesday she will be upset because she made me turn on the lights in the pumpkins while she was here. We even had a ghost that when you clapped your hands the ghost traveled on this cord...Hattie would start clapping even before she got to my front porch. So no ghost. So soon it will be Thanksgiving, so will leave some of the fall decorationg out. I have turkeys everywhere. As I may have said before that I was raised on a turkey farm..Was very interesting. It would be wonderful if every child that was born could be raised on a farm. It is wonderful place to grow up.. Until next time...happy blogging. Sally

Hattie as Miss Bumble Bee!

Hattie turns 18 months today...she has been to- I think about 4 parties for Halloween this season. She is quit the party girl. Here she is as a bumble bee. We've had a lot of fun with her this Halloween. Last night there was a party in her home with her little friends..we went to visit her and give her her Halloween gift bag..I dressed as a witch and I thought she would be scared of me but she was so busy entertaining her friends I was no big deal...but she loved her gift bag. Hope you all had a great Halloween day yesterday...Sally

Monday, October 19, 2009

Hattie jane!

Hattie is becoming a grown up little girl. This was taken at her other grandmothers home and the wicker chair is just always waiting for her there. Her grandmother made that pumpkin place mat that she is holding. Hattie is ready for Halloween and cant wait. Until next time. Don't let the goblins get you!! sally

Monday, October 12, 2009

Hattie's first trip to the ocean!

Hattie Jane is now 17 months and loving life. This was her first trip to the Oregon coast and first family trip with her mom and dad. You can tell she loved it like she loves everything she experiences for the first time. Like I have said before I babysit her 3 days a week...So much fun. I cant wait for the day I can teach her to paint. She would love to get into my painting room. I have let her get into a box of cards and they were thrown all over the place.
By the way how do you like my blogs new header and wall paper. Thanks to The Fairy Graphics. She has some wonderful projects and great graphics. Thanks Karen.
I would like to thank everyone that has commented on my blog..I am so thrilled when I hear from you all. Bye for now...sally

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Baby Robin with a new Home!

Finally I got to paint the other nite. I decided to put this cute little robin in a teacup. I just love the old moldings , especially this one with the hook. But one of these days I will take some pictures of the inside out new home. We worked half the day today hanging a few pics. With husband giving his advice..grrr. Do you have trouble with hubbys butting in...all I want him to do is for him to do what I tell him. He finally said you know this is my home too. I said really...Im awful aren't I. Well I always tell him that I am pretty visual and observe the way pictures look..since I am a decorator magazine junkie. The kind that your hubby has to get the hand truck out to move the stack..but I did let alot go when we made the major move last april. So back to the picture hanging...I got all of them up the way I wanted. We have high ceilings...very hard to figure out... But I still have lots of pictures to hang yet..but Im the type to really think about a few at a time as to where they go. Well Ive rambled on enough...So for now I will send this post off to blog land...Until next time Sally

Monday, September 14, 2009

Honeymoon Inn Sign!

Finally I have found time to post these pictures of the sign I painted. As you know I babysit my granddaughter Hattie Jane 3 to 4 days a week. I am not complaining. I love to do it. Ive been trying to paint alot lately..I would like to figure out how to paint with Hattie running around. Not sure if that will happen. I don't dare let her in my painting room. Anyway this sign is made from an old piece of chippy worn wood...I painted white roses on the pink old paint. I'm in heaven when I am in my studio creating something with paint.
I would like to thank everyone that has commented on my is a thrill to me when I read a compliment someone has left me. I keep wishing I had one of the beautiful jazzed up layout and heading like others blogs..I even have this heading that is to small for the space. I dont mean to whine..sorry...I need to buy the book Blissful Blogging. Again thank you...sally

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hattie Jane Smelling the Flowers!

One of the things my granddaughter Hattie Jane has learned early is to sniff. So everytime she sees a flower she sniffs. So today we went out to the front door to smell the flowers. She sure did alot of sniffing. Then she spied a praying mantis. Oh did she get excited. I think that could have been the first time she had seen any form of bug. So Hattie is walking all over now and her parent say she walks like Frankenstien. She is now 14 months..
I so much enjoy everyones blog. This morn I was so much reading others blogs that I lost track of time and got dressed just in time for my little Hattie to show up for me to babysit her for the day. Anyway bye for now...Sally

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Posting Without No Pictures!

Finally I have gotten some time to post on my blog. Sorry no pictures. My hubby and I worked for half hour trying to figure out to find pictures of our granddaughter Hattie that he just downloaded. He has an old camera that has discs. Usually we cant find any disc that work properly. Long story.. But he swears this old camera takes the best pics. Well I think so also. But I have a digital and I am going to take pics of Hattie this week. So see if we can find them after we download them. Can you tell we are computer illiterate?
So will tell you all what I have been up to besides taking care of Hattie 3 days a week. Oh she is 14 months now. She is a doll. She has been kind of telling you a story with gibberish and her one really telling a good one. So funny. I said she was copying her the other day I was talking to my hubby and I noticed I was using the same hand to tell a story...So guess what she maybe imitating me. I'm not complaining. Well back to what has been going on.
We have made a major move April 28th. We have 40yrs accumulation. Like saved all my sons toys,baby get the idea. Well plus Ive lost both my parents so have lots of ggrandparents,grandparent,parents things. Plus inventory for my space at the Rusty Pelican. So 4 storage units full. We have been working on getting out of those. So we sold our home that had 1 1/3 acre and bought a new home on a lot. The reason because we didn't want to take care of all that land and lots of weeding. Plus we were driving to pick up Hattie everyday then take her back..So we moved clear across 3 towns to be near Hattie and parents. We really like our new home. We aren't settled yet..still have tons of boxes to unload. But when I take care of Hattie I dont get anything done. I'm not complaining... I have had the hardest time setting up my painting studio..I have lots of stuff. So I have to get started painting again soon.
We've gone to a few family occasions. My great niece Amanda graduated from high school. So was big wonderful party for her. I will miss her. She is off to collage in the fall. She graduated with top honors. Went out of town to my sisters to attend a quilt show that her and her friends put on. My cousin Jane had a space there and sold her wonderful linens and sewing stuff she has brought from Germany. My cousin , sister and I stayed up late to visit and gosh was I tired the next day. My sisters friend has a blog and it is called the galloping pony. She is very talented and makes these tiny quilt blocks in her collages.
We had a nice time on the 4th yesterday. Hubby and I went to American Legion to visit our friends. Usually everyone sits out front and watches the parade which they did but we didn't make it in time for the parade. We had to finish up working on my space at the Rusty Pelican. We had it tore up. So after we visited with our friends we had to rush home. We invited my aunt and hubby's mom for dinner. They are both 92 yrs old. They live in the same complex and they have gotten to be good friends. Hubby's mom drives still... It was last minute decision to have them here so we stopped at grocery store and bought chicken,salads..and key lime pie. I usually will cook but to much going on. After they left we sat out after dark and watched neighbors fireworks. I have to tell you where we lived before we had mosquitos so bad that we couldnt sit out. Here I didn't get one mosquito bite..I am in heaven...we have cool desert nites. Well I have really rambled...So will say goodbye....I hope my next post will have a picture...Sally

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sweet Pink Heart Pillow!!

Check out this sweet little pillow. And it is all mine. The gentleman (Roy) that is in the middle of the two other men is the one that made this gorgeous pillow. My dad is on the left. Of course this picture was taken maybe late 50s? The other one is a good friend of theirs...but aren't they handsome?Check out the Black Label Beer. And the lovely lady in the other picture is Roys daughter Nancy which is my good friend. When we get together we can talk and talk like there is no end...We all grew up together, my parents and her parents were good friends and all of us kids were also...we were all raised on farms. In the afternoons growing up us kids would run into each other...always wind up at a swimming hole. Usually our farm..which had the drainage ditch...yes drainage ditch. About the pillow. I picked up this latchhook kit in my travels for him to work on and make it for Nancy. But he decided to make it for me. Yipee for me!!! Roy started Latchhooking I think back in the 70s and then my dad started doing it also. I have one of my dads pieces he did, so now I have a pillow from Roy.
Thankyou Roy!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Jane & Hattie!

Here is my cousin Jane and Hattie Jane. Hattie was named after a cousin of her Mommy's which is Jane and Hattie's daddy named Hattie Jane after my cousin Jane. Jane had a grandson Tuvia born a month before Hattie. He is so cute and adorable. Jane was here last fall and we got to get a picture of them both. Hattie is growing up fast.

Rusty Pelican!

Here it is my space at the Rusty Pelican. This was taken at Christmas 2008. Old Christmas decorations are so fabulous, I have a hard time parting with them. Notice the child's potty chair. I painted roses on the back. If you haven't been to the Rusty Pelican you are missing out. Still missing Hank which will take time. Sally

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hattie is 10 months old today!

I almost forgot but today Hattie turned 10 months. Time is going fast.She is almost getting ready to walk. She so wants to on her own. This is grandpa with his American Legion Hat and she was fascinated with the hat.

Roses Flower Market Window!

Here is the latest project I have done. Havent painted much lately. I enjoyed painting this window very much. I am not a fan of painting with oils but these roses had to be done in oils. Oil paint sticks to the glass. I have to get my painting room organized and start painting again.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Farewell to Hank

This was taken of Hank the day before he died. The loss of him being gone is so great. We had him for 9 yrs and he brought us so much joy. He had so many health problems and the last 4 days he was sick and wouldn't eat. We knew it was time. In the picture he has even dropped the paper. One of his favorite things to do was carry in the paper. Putting him to sleep was the hardest thing we have ever done. So final. The house is so quit and lonely. We will love him forever. Goodbye our little companion.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Here she is!! Celebrating New Years. Grandpa and Grandma went out on New Years and brought the hat back for her. So we went to Carmines restaurant to eat soon after. She has spaghetti on her face.
I have finally after a week figured out how to get Playlist over to my blog. I did it all by myself. So notice I put Santa claus is Coming to Town on the playlist. That song I sang for Hattie all through xmas season. She loved it. So I will probably change some of these songs out but just playing around. I love music...So better get to painting. I havent done that for awhile. Sally

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hattie in the Bucket!!

Cutie Pie
I caved in on this cute garden cart when I was shopping the other nite. I thought it would be neat to put all of Hattie's toys in it which I have done. But today got the idea of putting her in it..she loved it. When her grandfather took pictures of her she kept closing her eyes..never did get a picture of her with her eyes open. Hattie had a fun day today. We went to Wal-mart and Grocery Store. She loves to ride in the shopping carts. A lady came by with a whole bunch of Valentine Balloons and talked to her. When she went away Hattie started to cry. She wanted one of those balloons which grandpa bought her one. She isn't spoil. Will be nice when it warms up so she can go outside..She loves the outdoors.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

This is an accent table I painted about a month ago. I put a wash of burnt umber over it. Was fun to paint. Valentines day is approaching soon. I will be taking care of my little Hattie this Valentines day eve. Her mommy and daddy are going a little ways out of town to their favorite resturant. So we bought a some vanilla ice cream for Hattie. She needs a treat..So will give her a few spoonfuls. Her other grandmother is coming to our house to be with her also. Her Nana (other grandmother) has made her a quilt for Valentines day. Hattie is going to love it. I got her an Elmo doll...and a ballon.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

This is Hattie on her dedication into the Methodist Church. Her other grandmother made this gorgeous christening gown. I have to brag but she is adorabable. She had two other cousins born about the same time she was born. Actually they were her 4th cousins. Some day I hope they all get together. Sally

Monday, February 2, 2009

Hattie My Granddaughter!

Here is my sweet little Hattie. This is when she was a few days old. I am so proud of her.And myself for figuring how to do this. Yahoo! Cant wait to notify Dianne...

Still trying to figure out this blog!

I am not a fan of football but I watched the Superbowl yesterday of the last half hour. It was rather exciting. I have no preference on who was to win but everyone around me wanted Arizona to win..Now if it would have been the Seahawks I would have wanted to see the whole game. My third cousin Mike Wahle plays for the Seahawks. That would have been fun. Maybe next year the Seahawks will make it to the superbowl. Keep my fingers crossed.
Havent been painting lately...have had a cold and been babysitting my granddaughter alot last week. Then I traveled out of town over the weekend. I am working on a picture of birds and with a sign saying Love Nest. So well see how this pink lettering looks on my blog...I think it will be to pale. Until next time...sally