Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sweet Pink Heart Pillow!!

Check out this sweet little pillow. And it is all mine. The gentleman (Roy) that is in the middle of the two other men is the one that made this gorgeous pillow. My dad is on the left. Of course this picture was taken maybe late 50s? The other one is a good friend of theirs...but aren't they handsome?Check out the Black Label Beer. And the lovely lady in the other picture is Roys daughter Nancy which is my good friend. When we get together we can talk and talk like there is no end...We all grew up together, my parents and her parents were good friends and all of us kids were also...we were all raised on farms. In the afternoons growing up us kids would run into each other...always wind up at a swimming hole. Usually our farm..which had the drainage ditch...yes drainage ditch. About the pillow. I picked up this latchhook kit in my travels for him to work on and make it for Nancy. But he decided to make it for me. Yipee for me!!! Roy started Latchhooking I think back in the 70s and then my dad started doing it also. I have one of my dads pieces he did, so now I have a pillow from Roy.
Thankyou Roy!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Jane & Hattie!

Here is my cousin Jane and Hattie Jane. Hattie was named after a cousin of her Mommy's which is Jane and Hattie's daddy named Hattie Jane after my cousin Jane. Jane had a grandson Tuvia born a month before Hattie. He is so cute and adorable. Jane was here last fall and we got to get a picture of them both. Hattie is growing up fast.

Rusty Pelican!

Here it is my space at the Rusty Pelican. This was taken at Christmas 2008. Old Christmas decorations are so fabulous, I have a hard time parting with them. Notice the child's potty chair. I painted roses on the back. If you haven't been to the Rusty Pelican you are missing out. Still missing Hank which will take time. Sally

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hattie is 10 months old today!

I almost forgot but today Hattie turned 10 months. Time is going fast.She is almost getting ready to walk. She so wants to on her own. This is grandpa with his American Legion Hat and she was fascinated with the hat.

Roses Flower Market Window!

Here is the latest project I have done. Havent painted much lately. I enjoyed painting this window very much. I am not a fan of painting with oils but these roses had to be done in oils. Oil paint sticks to the glass. I have to get my painting room organized and start painting again.