Monday, October 19, 2009

Hattie jane!

Hattie is becoming a grown up little girl. This was taken at her other grandmothers home and the wicker chair is just always waiting for her there. Her grandmother made that pumpkin place mat that she is holding. Hattie is ready for Halloween and cant wait. Until next time. Don't let the goblins get you!! sally

Monday, October 12, 2009

Hattie's first trip to the ocean!

Hattie Jane is now 17 months and loving life. This was her first trip to the Oregon coast and first family trip with her mom and dad. You can tell she loved it like she loves everything she experiences for the first time. Like I have said before I babysit her 3 days a week...So much fun. I cant wait for the day I can teach her to paint. She would love to get into my painting room. I have let her get into a box of cards and they were thrown all over the place.
By the way how do you like my blogs new header and wall paper. Thanks to The Fairy Graphics. She has some wonderful projects and great graphics. Thanks Karen.
I would like to thank everyone that has commented on my blog..I am so thrilled when I hear from you all. Bye for now...sally

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Baby Robin with a new Home!

Finally I got to paint the other nite. I decided to put this cute little robin in a teacup. I just love the old moldings , especially this one with the hook. But one of these days I will take some pictures of the inside out new home. We worked half the day today hanging a few pics. With husband giving his advice..grrr. Do you have trouble with hubbys butting in...all I want him to do is for him to do what I tell him. He finally said you know this is my home too. I said really...Im awful aren't I. Well I always tell him that I am pretty visual and observe the way pictures look..since I am a decorator magazine junkie. The kind that your hubby has to get the hand truck out to move the stack..but I did let alot go when we made the major move last april. So back to the picture hanging...I got all of them up the way I wanted. We have high ceilings...very hard to figure out... But I still have lots of pictures to hang yet..but Im the type to really think about a few at a time as to where they go. Well Ive rambled on enough...So for now I will send this post off to blog land...Until next time Sally