Monday, November 15, 2010

Thanksgiving turkeys and Veterans day with Hattie!

Just thought I would share a picture of my fathers turkeys probably taken back in the 60's. I was raised on a turkey farm..I wouldnt trade the experience for the world, even though growing up I really didnt want to help out on the farm.
Now the other pictures are of my husband,Me and our granddaughter Hattie. As you can see Hatties grandfather is on the Honor Guard with the American Legion. He shot the guns for the Veterans Day Program. So Hattie got to go with us. Anyway hope you all have a great Thanksgiving. Sally

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Second Saturday Rusty Pelican Market!!

Finally this weekend is the Grand Opening of the Second Saturday Rusty Pelican Market in Benton City Washington. The store is having their grand opening and the Market is finally open. I will be there first out.The trailer is packed plus the back of the pickup is full.It is going to be a great show..the old gas staion in this photo was taken just after they painted it.It all looks much different now.Laura has done wonders on the inside and there is going to be some talented venders there this weekend. I will be taking pictures so will post some after its over...hopefully the weather will be good in November for the next 2nd saturday market. Also there is winerys all around this area and very close. Hope to see you in Benton City...sally

Friday, August 27, 2010

Wisteria Sign!

If you ever are on the west side of Washington State you will have to visit Wisteria Cottage in Olympia Wn. Sharon Treadwell is owner and she is open a couple days on the first of the month. The address is 604 Kinwood St. SE...I painted this sign for her this summer. It was fun doing it again. Lots of wisteria petals. She has a blog
The summer is almost over and it has really cooled off here.Kind of feels good and Im looking forward to wearing different clothes. But soon I will be getting really busy working on my finds to take to the Rusty Pelican Flea Market in Benton City Washington. It is soon to be the in place to be when she opens her store which the store will be open September 10th which is Benton City days. Benton City sits in the heart of wine dont miss out on the grand opening...You can find me on October 9th in the flea market...I have great wonderful finds for you to check out...I will be posting some on my blog...Until next time...Sally

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Its moving day!

Here I am saying sorry for not being around for awhile again, but I guess I just like to look at others blogs instead of posting on mine. But I have been moving out of Rusty Pelican and anticipating the new store that will be open Sept 10th in Benton City Washington.It is going to be a fabulous place to shop for unusual finds and repurposed surprises. There will be an outside flea market starting oct 9th. You can find me there at the flea market and I have wonderful new finds to show. So these pictures are of my space and plus a shot of inside the Rusty Pelican..what it will look like in their new store. So soon I will post pictures of the gas station in Benton City. Sally

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dessert Phlox!

Sorry I havent been around much...been so busy with babysitting my Hattie and having to do domestic stuff. Plus as I said before we moved into a new home last year so we have been working on landscaping our yard. I wanted so much last year to take pictures of these desert Phlox and didnt get around to it. We live kind of in a desert area but soon there will be houses where these lovely patches of phlox and sage brush are...pluse jack rabbits and cotton tail rabbits habitat..Makes me sad to think of their home being gone. But these phlox are just breath taking. They grow in nice round bundles but then take off up into the sage brush if they sprout close by a bush...
I am still painting roses and trying my hand at scrapebooking. So fun. I really need to clean up my painting terrible looking..but between taking care of my antique booth and taking care of Hattie it doesnt get much done. Where Woman Create is having a contest and you are to enter your craft studio with pictures..But not this gal.. everyone would be appauled to see mine. I just need to organize my stuff. I price my antiques,paint,make collages and other stuff all in an extra bedroom which is not to big. So until next time I post.. blessings to you all! Sally

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Family Tradition Easter Eggs!

Didn't these eggs turn out lovely? My mother colored these eggs with onion skins every year well plus we always growing up got to color eggs with all the dye kits..but these were a tradition that was done by the woman in my family.
One year when I was about 8 or so I told her they were ugly..and I only liked the colored easter eggs. I dont remember her saying any thing to my comment. But when I complained about something she would say to me (Okay old girl you can do or will do something)Ha!Ha! Well I was a brat sometimes. I lost my mother and father over 20 yrs ago...miss them.
Well hope everyone had a wonderful Easter..we were with our HattieJane. It was wonderful and can you believe it she is going to be 2 soon. Can't wait to color easter eggs with her..Until the next time...sally

Friday, January 15, 2010

Hattie the Artist & the Maid!!

I haven't been able to paint lately so Ive grabbed some picture of Hattie..She has been having alot of fun painting and drawing. She loves to draw circles then when she gets to a small space that is left she will make small circle. She loves to sweep the floor..hope she will always like to do housework..I sure sometimes don't like to do it..Hope everyone has a good weekend and I pray for the people in Haiti.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Shabby Old Metal Chair with a Rose!

I found this neat old metal school chair and loved the color...and immediately wanted to paint a rose on it. I then took it to the Rusty Pelican Antique store..I have a space there and if you have never been there you are missing out on a great experience. The decor is fantastic and beautiful wonderful antiques all displayed to give you lots of inspiration.It is located in Richland Washington.Eastern part of the state. So drop by there if you are around our area. So back to painting..Sally