Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Second Saturday Rusty Pelican Market!!

Finally this weekend is the Grand Opening of the Second Saturday Rusty Pelican Market in Benton City Washington. The store is having their grand opening and the Market is finally open. I will be there first out.The trailer is packed plus the back of the pickup is full.It is going to be a great show..the old gas staion in this photo was taken just after they painted it.It all looks much different now.Laura has done wonders on the inside and there is going to be some talented venders there this weekend. I will be taking pictures so will post some after its over...hopefully the weather will be good in November for the next 2nd saturday market. Also there is winerys all around this area and very close. Hope to see you in Benton City...sally


The Vintage Dresser said...

Thanks for visiting our blog and letting us know about the opening. I knew they were moving to B.C., but hadn't seen any advertising. I'll be out of town but DD will probably be there to check it out.

Rebecca said...

Hey Sally Girl...

How you be???? :)

Thank you for visiting me today! Every single time you stop in I get a BIG SMILE ON MY FACE! I'm so glad you saw my Ad. CACHING!

It's only money.


Love to you~


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