Sunday, November 1, 2009

Scarey witch holding Miss Bumble Bee!

I was a witch again for the 3rd year in a row. I need to change that and vow to work on dressing up as some thing else this next year. So here is Hattie Jane with me (grandma) visiting her on Halloween night. So today Ive been working on taking down Halloween decorations and when Hattie gets here on tuesday she will be upset because she made me turn on the lights in the pumpkins while she was here. We even had a ghost that when you clapped your hands the ghost traveled on this cord...Hattie would start clapping even before she got to my front porch. So no ghost. So soon it will be Thanksgiving, so will leave some of the fall decorationg out. I have turkeys everywhere. As I may have said before that I was raised on a turkey farm..Was very interesting. It would be wonderful if every child that was born could be raised on a farm. It is wonderful place to grow up.. Until next time...happy blogging. Sally

Hattie as Miss Bumble Bee!

Hattie turns 18 months today...she has been to- I think about 4 parties for Halloween this season. She is quit the party girl. Here she is as a bumble bee. We've had a lot of fun with her this Halloween. Last night there was a party in her home with her little friends..we went to visit her and give her her Halloween gift bag..I dressed as a witch and I thought she would be scared of me but she was so busy entertaining her friends I was no big deal...but she loved her gift bag. Hope you all had a great Halloween day yesterday...Sally