Saturday, April 10, 2010

Family Tradition Easter Eggs!

Didn't these eggs turn out lovely? My mother colored these eggs with onion skins every year well plus we always growing up got to color eggs with all the dye kits..but these were a tradition that was done by the woman in my family.
One year when I was about 8 or so I told her they were ugly..and I only liked the colored easter eggs. I dont remember her saying any thing to my comment. But when I complained about something she would say to me (Okay old girl you can do or will do something)Ha!Ha! Well I was a brat sometimes. I lost my mother and father over 20 yrs ago...miss them.
Well hope everyone had a wonderful Easter..we were with our HattieJane. It was wonderful and can you believe it she is going to be 2 soon. Can't wait to color easter eggs with her..Until the next time...sally


Rita said...

Dear Sally,
those easter eggs look lovely. I never spent time decoratikng mine and this is something I really regret not doing as it would have meant a lot to my dautgher when she was a child. Can't make up for the lost time, unfortunately, but can do something for the time yet to come.
glad you came up with a new post.
lotsa love

Rosemary said...

They are really cool eggs!
Love the colors!

Karen Valentine said...

Hi Sally, I think those are really pretty too! I wonder if you could use stuff like beet juice to get more color??? It would be fun to see what colors you could get by using only natural products! Great hearing from you! Have a wonderful week.

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Julie Pishny said...

I love it that you have continued a family tradition with your Easter eggs...they are unique and beautiful. Maybe you can share how you dye eggs with onion skins...hugs - Julie

Rebecca said...

Sally Girl...You did lose your parents young my friend... Two passings of dearly loved people in the same year surely must have been tough.

I'm thankful you didn't lose them when you were a child, too. That is indeed a rough road to travel.

Thank you for stopping by today...your sweet Hattie Girl must really be something.