Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Christmas Decor!!

Finally I have taken pictures of my xmas decor.I wanted to do this all month and just didnt find the time.If I was more experienced at working the electronic stuff I would probably have posted these pictures before xmas. I loaded them all at once. I was wanting to say something about each I will tell you a little of what I remember of what I took pictures of. As you can see I LOVE bottle brush trees.I once at a yard sale bought a whole box of bottle brushes...and Ive added more through the years. How do you like the xmas balls on the candle holders..well you've seen this before but it was a first for me. One of them is my xmas ball that I painted a rose on. If you notice on the china closet the stocking I made. It is out of a small feed sack.. Now the plastic santa with the sleigh was a estate sale find last month.I hate to tell you that I bought it for 50 cents..I know it was a steal.I love it. The mantle pic didnt turn out to well. The candles look crooked which they dont look that way in person. Now the Old rubber Santa was mine as a child. I cant believe he is still not cracked and disintegrated..but he is caving in on his back side. So now its almost time to take it all down. My tradition like my mothers is not taking down the xmas tree till after New Years. The old tradition which my mother always grew up with the tree didnt come down till I think January 7th. I have a traditional xmas tree..My hubby and I both want it to look somewhat like our trees we grew up know those big colored lights and all the different ornament that we've collected through the years..and oh I have to have tinsel..come back to see what other pictures I have of my xmas decor.Oh I do so love to get comments..hint hint!!Hope you all had a good xmas...sally

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Denise said...

I didn't see anything wrong with your pics. at all. Only one was out of focus. The rest were clear and looked great. Happy New Year to you and thanks for stopping by!