Sunday, July 5, 2009

Posting Without No Pictures!

Finally I have gotten some time to post on my blog. Sorry no pictures. My hubby and I worked for half hour trying to figure out to find pictures of our granddaughter Hattie that he just downloaded. He has an old camera that has discs. Usually we cant find any disc that work properly. Long story.. But he swears this old camera takes the best pics. Well I think so also. But I have a digital and I am going to take pics of Hattie this week. So see if we can find them after we download them. Can you tell we are computer illiterate?
So will tell you all what I have been up to besides taking care of Hattie 3 days a week. Oh she is 14 months now. She is a doll. She has been kind of telling you a story with gibberish and her one really telling a good one. So funny. I said she was copying her the other day I was talking to my hubby and I noticed I was using the same hand to tell a story...So guess what she maybe imitating me. I'm not complaining. Well back to what has been going on.
We have made a major move April 28th. We have 40yrs accumulation. Like saved all my sons toys,baby get the idea. Well plus Ive lost both my parents so have lots of ggrandparents,grandparent,parents things. Plus inventory for my space at the Rusty Pelican. So 4 storage units full. We have been working on getting out of those. So we sold our home that had 1 1/3 acre and bought a new home on a lot. The reason because we didn't want to take care of all that land and lots of weeding. Plus we were driving to pick up Hattie everyday then take her back..So we moved clear across 3 towns to be near Hattie and parents. We really like our new home. We aren't settled yet..still have tons of boxes to unload. But when I take care of Hattie I dont get anything done. I'm not complaining... I have had the hardest time setting up my painting studio..I have lots of stuff. So I have to get started painting again soon.
We've gone to a few family occasions. My great niece Amanda graduated from high school. So was big wonderful party for her. I will miss her. She is off to collage in the fall. She graduated with top honors. Went out of town to my sisters to attend a quilt show that her and her friends put on. My cousin Jane had a space there and sold her wonderful linens and sewing stuff she has brought from Germany. My cousin , sister and I stayed up late to visit and gosh was I tired the next day. My sisters friend has a blog and it is called the galloping pony. She is very talented and makes these tiny quilt blocks in her collages.
We had a nice time on the 4th yesterday. Hubby and I went to American Legion to visit our friends. Usually everyone sits out front and watches the parade which they did but we didn't make it in time for the parade. We had to finish up working on my space at the Rusty Pelican. We had it tore up. So after we visited with our friends we had to rush home. We invited my aunt and hubby's mom for dinner. They are both 92 yrs old. They live in the same complex and they have gotten to be good friends. Hubby's mom drives still... It was last minute decision to have them here so we stopped at grocery store and bought chicken,salads..and key lime pie. I usually will cook but to much going on. After they left we sat out after dark and watched neighbors fireworks. I have to tell you where we lived before we had mosquitos so bad that we couldnt sit out. Here I didn't get one mosquito bite..I am in heaven...we have cool desert nites. Well I have really rambled...So will say goodbye....I hope my next post will have a picture...Sally


Karen Valentine said...

Hi Sally,
Reading about the love you had for your sweet baby Hank, brought tears to my eyes. It's astounding to me how much love we feel for our beloved pets. Thankfully I have two other fur-babies to give my love and attention to. It's always so hard to lose one of them, but when you weigh the pain of loss against the years of unconditional love and joy they give us... it's worth it. My heart goes out to you both and I know we will all heal in time.

My Desert Cottage

blushing rose said...

Soooooooo we'll patiently await the pics ... chuckle! Have a great day. TTFN ~Marydon

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you have been very very busy. You'll have to put up pictures of your new place and your g'baby. I hope you'll stop by to say hello when you have a chance.

Amanda said...

Hi Sally,
Thank you so much for visiting my new blog. I love the picture of you and your little Hattie. What a cute name. I took two years off from teaching just so I could stay home and help with Leah and just enjoy being a grandmother. It has been the best thing in the world. Now I'm going back, but it's ok. We have such a bond, she and I. I know how much you love her. I will look forward to reading your blog as we seem to be at the same point in life.
Thanks again.

matilda said...

Hi Sally!
Thank you for your visiting my new blog. I´m happy when I get to your favorites list.
I´m sorry, I know write in english very well, but I try.
Your roses shingle is so beautiful. Nice photos your and Hattie.
Warm greetings from Finland.

Have a nice weekend!

Bellamere Cottage said...

Hi! And, thanks for your sweet visit...your little Hattie is just toooooo cute!

About the pix....I save them to my desktop so they're easy to find. I have a gazillion pix so finding them was always a big job....easy, peasy now. I do name them so I can find them on the list too.

Love your rose sign....what a great job you do on roses.

Warm blessings,