Monday, July 30, 2012

These pictures are from our store Minnie Janes that we had to close in Feb. 2012 because of illness. My husband came down with Pancrititis from a gall stone. He was basically in ICU for 3 months and Rehab for 4 months. We got home in March of this year. The Portland Oregon Veterans hospital saved his life. The government really does a great job taking care of veterans. He is doing well but has some hurdles to get through yet..So this blog came to a hault fast. So we are now trying to get our lives back.I really havent painted much since then Tom shoes for my niece.I painted a rose on each shoe. She loved them. Until the next time..Sally


Rita said...

Dear Sally,
I'm so glad to have you back in blogland.
I was sad to hear about your husband's illness and it's so good to know he's feeling better now.
I myself took a very long break from blogging and do not post regularly but I have been thinking of you of you often.
I'm very sorry to hear you had to close your shop.
How are YOU? And how's Hattie?

Rebecca said...

Dear Sally...

Oh friend...I'm SOO SOOO glad you are back home again and your hubby is recovering. What a JOY it was to read he's on the mend and that the Veteran's Hospital took such great care of him. God is SOO GOOD and faithful to us, isn't He? You continue to be in my prayers as you work to rebuild your lives back inside your home.

Thank you for your MORE than kind words to me today. I needed them. I close in on the last few months of blogging for this year (January starts year #5) I wonder if I have anything left to say or if anyone out there gains even a little bit from the things I feel led to share. You've encouraged me to press on...and that makes my heart SING!

Bless you Sally...thank you.

Love, Rebecca